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What is Jukebox

Jukebox is an audio live streaming service that helps musicians receive money instantly from listeners from around the world.

Why are you doing a pre-launch pricing plan?

We think the best way to build Jukebox is with your support. By offering pre-launch pricing, we can bring you into our community and get more direct feedback on what you want to see and hear from Jukebox.

What do I get from this preorder?

You get promotion. Jukebox will be available in 155 countries or regions and more than 40 languages. Our audience will discover your featured audio-live stream on every iOS device and on most “smart speakers”. Your event’s audio stream will be featured in the genre of your primary audience. At the end of the campaign, Jukebox will send your promotions team a full report of the listeners that tuned into your event, an automated list of warm leads, and listeners who desire exclusive access to your future events.

When will the app be available?

October 2019

What is I want a refund?

No problem! We will refund you 100% anytime before your campaign.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! Just email us anytime ( at any time and we will cancel your business owner subscription.

How can I request a demonstration of this product?

Email our founder at Please include “We Produce Live Events” in the subject line.

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2020 Global Broadcast

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